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Minister's Assistant

You’re Welcome


We’re glad you're reading this today and we hope to see you soon. If you’re new to the area why not pop in on a Sunday and meet some friendly locals over a cuppa after the service. My name is Eric (the Rev), and I would love to get to know you. We’re a friendly bunch here at St Giles, united by our desire to know and serve Jesus and to become more like Him. So welcome and please call us if we can help in any way.


Our Ministry Team is Everyone!!          (…including these leaders…)

            Eric Percival  Rector                                 Christine Percival                                 Mark Burrough  Treasurer 



Church Wardens   Robin Lupton, Paul Hummerston, Celia May


The Church Office is open on Wednesdays


Phone: 02 9906 1280



A Christian Church. An association of people who believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who became man. He therefore revealed God in a unique way, and died on a cross to make a sacrifice that was acceptable to God as sufficient punishment for the sins of all people. He came back to life, and now awaits the time to come again and take all Christians to be with him for ever. We believe that salvation is only available through repentance and trust in Jesus as Saviour and a willingness to follow him.

An Evangelical Church. We hold that the Bible is the Word of God - the way that truth about God is communicated by him to us. Therefore, it is reliable, and to be preached, believed, and obeyed by Christians. It stands above Christian traditions and human reason, and must inform and correct them.

An Anglican Church. We are associated with a number of other Christian churches who have similar faith and traditions, and a prescribed method of church leadership. The Anglican denomination has an excellent statement of faith (based on the Bible) called The Thirty-Nine Articles. It is printed in the back of our Prayer Books.

We consider every Christian to have gifts from God to be used in His service.


Banking Details


Direct Deposit is a convenient way of regular giving. if you would like to donate to the work of spreading the Good News about Jesus both here in Greenwich and throughout the world then here are the details you need:


BSB: 032298


Acc. No. 409568


Acc. Name: St Giles Main Account


The "description" might read "Regular Offering" or "One-off Donation".

When we give, we give to God. Helping others is like helping Jesus Himself.

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